Crazy Socks for Men

Socks are so boring. Every one has heard the age old story of being let down when receiving a bland pair of black or blue socks as a birthday or Christmas gift. After all, most of the time when you wear long pants you can’t even see your socks. But wait just one minute. What about when a man sits down and crosses his legs? Or when he steps up on a bench to ties his shoes. Can you see the socks then? Sure you can. Well, who ever said that socks have to be boring?

Crazy beer socks for men and womenNext time you go sock shopping, why not pick out some crazy socks for men? There are so many unique socks to choose from. You can get them in all sorts of colors, with or without writing, knee high and ankle high, etc. They are made in many different materials as well. For example, look at the Beer Socks in the image to the left. These are perfect for men and come in six different color variations.

Don’t worry if the socks you buy are a little bit out there. Funny socks for men are supposed to be just that…funny. You might not want to buy these type of socks for a very serious minded man, but most men get a kick out of wearing cool socks.

I would also stay away from buying goofy socks that are to be worn for sporting events. The problem with these type of socks is that the material that most funky socks are made out of contain cotton. Unfortunately, cotton hold on to moisture and doesn’t dry very fast. This can end up keeping the skin moist which often results in blisters.

My favorite variety of crazy socks are the knee high socks. The long length of the sock tube gives a great area for designs and or wording. Sometimes when the sock is small the design is hard to make out and understand. The other good thing about knee high socks is that they fit over the calf so they usually stay up without having to constantly reach down and pull them up.

Well, I hope that next time you consider buying your man some socks that you branch out from the old boring socks and delve into the world of fun and crazy unique socks for men.

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